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Our Ministries

"Seek the welfare of the city...
for in its welfare your will have welfare"

All through the Scriptures, God calls His people to be merciful towards others, to care for the needs of the stranger and, as best as possible, to heal the wounds that separate humankind from God, and from each other.

“Preach at all times and, if necessary, use words,” is a saying that has been attributed to St. Francis.  Our own St. David encouraged his monks to take care of the small things.  Both saints, as well as the teaching and example of Jesus, and the hands-on witness of many dedicated people all through the ages continue to inspire us in our ministries.



"I was naked and you clothed me." Most of us have an image of homelessness.  But most of the times, it is partial.  Rural homelessness is pervasive in Virginia, and it is not limited to adults.  Three school districts had over 1,000 homeless students (Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Richmond City). 


We support St. Paul's, Richmond, in their outreach ministry.  We collect toiletries (for men, women, and children), socks, shirts and, in the cold season, hand-warmers, and winter clothing.  

Electric Saw


Christmas Dreams is a program sponsored by the King William Department of Social Services and helps fulfill Christmas wishes for local children and families. The program assisted about 350 children and over 160 families in the county and the town of West Point.

St David's "adopts" children and organizes an Angel Tree and/or collects donations for delivery to KW Dept. of Social Services. 

Mangohick FD Donation.jpg


"I was hungry, and you gave me food."  Hunger and poor nutrition lead to poor health outcomes, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Work and academic performance can suffer due to food insecurity.  St. David's supports Holy Comforter Church, Richmond, in their outreach ministry. We collect non-perishable food on a regular basis.

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"Do not be hardhearted or tightfisted."  Housing costs are racing ahead of wages, and finding affordable and decent housing is becoming more and more of a challenge. Our outreach program "Beth-El Homes" (House of God) offers affordable housing to working individuals and families  

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"Seek the welfare of the city..."  Being sensitive to the needs of Aylett, and beyond, reaches out to the community, in particular, to serve those who serve others.

In Thanksgiving for those who served and continue to serve our community, on our 160th Anniversaryor St. David’s Church organized a Service and Concert.  The proceeds were donated to buy essential protection equipment to benefit the Mangohick Volunteer Fire Department. 

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