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Healthy people don't need a doctor

Have you ever blundered in life? I mean, blundered big time. And, to make it worse, you knew that you shouldn’t have done it but, still, you pressed on? Sounds familiar? Well, as you should know, you are not alone.

And let me tell you right from the start, the good news. That’s why Jesus came. Jesus was quite clear when he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they have it all worked out, but those who mess up – time and again.”

During the days between Palm Sunday with all the cheering, the buzz, and the excitement of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, to the somber hours of what should have been a big celebration of the Passover, it is clear that the disciples were at their wit’s end.

Why any decent person would try to kill a man that came to heal, to restore, and to offer peace and hope to those who needed it the most? The people – those who cheered Jesus on his way, would not allow it – Wouldn’t they? But then, even if it was hard to them to accept it, in their hearts they couldn’t miss the signs, even if their heads said otherwise.

One of the reasons that the Gospels seem so true to life is that the authors did not try to varnish up the characters, even the higher-ups. They fought among themselves about the positions of leadership. One of them had his hand in the till. Another denied having anything to do with Jesus, and yet another would not accept Jesus’ resurrection. And so much more. Those were the people that Jesus called to be close to him during the most dramatic hours of his life. Isn’t it telling?

It is to such distressed – and, at times, distressing! – group of friends that Jesus directs his most reassuring words. “I have not given up on you! In fact, there’s a good reason for me to go.” In other words, for Jesus to be present with them – and with those who would follow in his disciples’ ways, He had to go for the Spirit to make His presence known.

Which brings me to where I started. For sure, there are people that live all their lives making others miserable – with gusto – and refuse to believe that there is a better way. And we see them going to the grave, without regrets. Or so we believe.

Others, eventually come to their senses. They realize that they need to get their act together, and they do it for good. Others, and I believe is the vast majority of us, are like the disciples – Two steps forward, one back. We should know better, but we don’t. Our heart is tuned to listen to God’s calling, but then, we turn him off.

If that is your experience, let me assure you that there is hope. Not because what you may wish to believe or what I could tell you. Jesus never gives up on anyone. Not even you. For even if you can’t believe it, you are a beloved child of the Most High God. And nothing, and I mean really nothing – not even yourself – can tear apart you from the reach of God’s love.

Once Jesus went to the city’s pool, and just by chance found a sick man laying by and He asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” Today, He is asking again, this time to you – “What do you want me to do for you?”

Fr. Gustavo

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